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COVID-19 Announcement

What we're doing to make the Injury Rehab Centre the safest place in Bayside


These are difficult and challenging times for everyone and at The Injury Rehab Centre. We have wanted to stay open for our community to provide care in its time of need.

We've been following the advice of the WHO and going above and beyond to make sure that The Injury Rehab Centre was the safest place in Bayside for our community.

We have also been closely following advice from our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy associations. So much so that even yesterday (24/3/20) we felt we were doing the right thing by not only staying open, but providing extra services to try and help more people in the community. Our aim was to continue enabling community members to stay fit, healthy and pain-free by offering our amazing facility to the people of Bayside to train in a way that exceeds all the recommend social distancing guidelines.

After a very late night last night, we now feel the advice from our associations is wrong and that their communication has been misleading and leadership lacking. We feel that they've been telling our profession what they want to hear rather than what is right. We pride ourselves as being leaders in our industry and always doing the right thing and it's time for us to stand up.

So, we now believe as a team that the right thing to do is to cease all face to face contact with you, our patients indefinitely into the future. This is not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do.

We will be moving all our consultations online via our Physitrack platform that most of you would have already experienced with your exercise programs previously.

We're in the fortunate position as world-leaders in assessment therefore have a lot of testing data about you and your health. Due to this, we can continue to help you work towards your goals and feel better, move better and perform better.

Teaching over 50 assessments in our courses around the world each year means we have lots of different ways to determine whether you're improving even without getting you on our MAT or by using cutting-edge AxIT system technology.

Online consultations will all be 60 minutes but still billed at our standard consultation as we understand everybody is struggling and will involve an in-depth history, assessment, exercise programming and all the same great advice you're used to in our normal consultations.

Included with these consultations are all the normal things in-between appointments you're use to, like being able to give us a call or send us a message through the Physitrack app.If you've got an appointment today, or over the coming days/weeks/months we'll be in touch to find a suitable time to reschedule you to an online consultation if appropriate shortly.

If you need help over this period, you will be able to book these online consultations through our website. If you are unsure if this will work for you, or you just want some advice, our free 15 minute phone consultation will still be available.

If you need some equipment to perform your exercises at home and continue your rehab then we've prepared our $50 Covid Care Package full of bands, rollers and massage balls that we can non-contact deliver to you at home. Simply give us a call.

We thank you for your support and hope you and your families and friends stay well during these uncertain times.We can't wait to see you online and in person on the other side of this craziness.

Best Wishes.

The Injury Rehab Team


Your health and safety is our highest priority, and no we’re not just saying that because every other email and message that you have seen this week is saying that, or to contribute to your information overload.

The last couple weeks have seen some interesting times in our community. While others have developed an unusual toilet paper obsession we’ve been doing things as usual around the clinic to maintain our high standard of clinic hygiene and infection control, as well as take a few extra precautions. Like most organisations we think it is important that everyone knows what we are doing to contribute to overcoming this together.

If you didn’t know already it is our standard procedure to:

  • Apply new disposable face hole covers for every patient.
  • Disinfect and wipe down treatment beds between consultations.
  • Wash hands according to WHO protocol.
  • Wear protective equipment such as gloves when appropriate.
  • Clean training equipment after use.

We are however taking extra precautions:

  • We’ve upgraded our cleaning products to the best antiviral solutions available.💪
  • Providing extra sanitising gels/wipes to use for staff and patients throughout the clinic. Make sure you moisturise often now too, don’t want cracked hands. 🖐
  • We’re removing linen from treatment tables, sorry no cushy towels for you.
  • Actively practicing social distancing of 1.5m.
  • Until further notice we have removed unsupervised access to our gym but have replaced this with an additional supervised sessions starting as of 23/3/2020. 🏋️‍♀️
  • We have also reduced the capacity of our group training sessions to a maximum of 4 people so everyone has more than 6x the recommended space to train in our 100m² (less excuses to not get on the Leg Press muhahah) and made pre-registering for the class compulsory. 
  • We will be taking temperatures of people as they come into the building.

You can obviously help to:

You’ve probably seen this a thousand times but if you are suffering from flu like symptoms or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 please let us know and consult your doctor before attending your appointment at the Injury Rehab Centre. Other than that practice good hygiene and bring your own towel to utilise our small group training options.

If you are unable to attend your appointment at the clinic we have set up access to an online consultation technology to still continue your care and help you FEEL BETTER, MOVE BETTER and PERFORM BETTER. If you want more information about this, let us know.🖥

No symptoms or exposure to the virus?

Great we can’t wait to see you.😁

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