Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to help you feel better, move better and perform better at The Injury Rehab Centre is an appointment with one of our international educator Physiotherapists or Osteopaths.

Over the course of this 60-minute consultation your therapist will undertake a complete review of your medical history, physical condition, training background, personal goals and perform initial testing using state of the art equipment developed by the Injury Rehab Centre and used by over 5000 other professionals around the world.

After your initial assessment with your therapist they will either recommend a course of therapy if required, or discuss with you our unique 60-minute Super Session Testing with one of our instructors to get the answers to your problem. This session and this level of technology is not used anywhere else in the world. We know because we invented it all!

Yes, we will use the revolutionary AxIT system and/or our MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) at your initial consultation to help give us insight into your complaint and current physical status. Alongside our thorough medical history and traditional assessment techniques, this advanced technology we help us set up a great individual tailored plan for you. This plan may include treatment, our advanced Super Session testing and a rehabilitation program in our state of the art gym.

Please wear comfortable clothes as your Physiotherapist or Osteopath will likely need to assess how you move in your initial appointment. 

You will be sent an sms with a New Patient Form to fill out prior to your appointment so we can get you feeling, moving and performing better quicker with less wait time before we begin. In fact we guarantee this. If we're over 10 minutes late for your appointment we'll give it to you for FREE.

Don't forget to bring any scans or documents you may feel relevant, as well as your private health care card as we can claim healthcare rebates directly via HiCAPs. 

Either! All our therapists are worldwide presenters and work in a similar manner. In fact we train professionals from over 12 different professionals around the world.

The difference between a good outcome has nothing to do with the profession, more the therapist which is why we only have expert and high quality team members.

No definitely not, we still offer the traditional session by session payment, however our UNLMTD membership may be an option you might wish to discuss with your therapist or they may bring up with you. We believe that this is a fantastic way to get even better outcomes, faster, by being treated like an elite athlete. At only $120 a week, this membership represents great value. It provides UNLMTD access to our therapists (based on their plan to get you back to 110% as quick as possible) at the centre and via our private exercise tracking app, UNLMTD access to our elite gym and group rehab classes at set times each week. 

No. Our UNLMTD plan members have all their appointments booked at your appointment time or by sending your therapist a message through Physiapp.

Additional appointment times become available due to cancellations (we do have a 24 hours cancellation policy).
The time you’re looking for might be available, call 0395537024 and we’ll find a time for you.

Money Back Guarantee

You can feel confident that we will do our best to help you FEEL BETTER, MOVE BETTER and PERFORM BETTER. If you are unsatisfied that we haven’t done our best to provide this service, we offer you a guarantee of 100% of your money back. That’s how confident we are in our care and approach at The Injury Rehab Centre!


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