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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for ACL


An ACL injury is almost as traumatic as it gets. An expensive surgery, 12 months on the sidelines, and that uncertainty that you will ever get back to playing sport or feeling normal about your knee ever again.

For some young people the risk of re-injury to the ACL after returning to sport is as high as 62%.

That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we created our UNLMTD plan to care specifically for ACL reconstruction rehabilitation in the same way million dollar sports stars do, for one low weekly price.

Get assessed using the latest technology previously only found in elite sporting clubs to track your progress every step of the way.

Get all the treatment and 1-on-1 supervision you need to guarantee the best outcome in your rehab journey.

Get unlimited access to our elite Rehab Gym with all the equipment and resources you need to return to sport at 110% full of confidence!

Take the guess work out of whether or not your ACL rehabilitation will be a success.

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Do you have a slipped disc?ย 

Do you have a slipped disc? 

Ever wondered how that could happen? Is there a mysterious banana peel in your spine that your disc stepped on? Maybe a slippery surface after someone did some cleaning around your spine? Maybe your discs are just clumsy. 

The truth is discs don’t slip. Actually they hardly even move. That’s because they’re surrounded in thick fibrous tissue that keeps your spine super strong and flexible.

Sure they might not be as new as what they were when you were younger but they are never going to fly out of your back and come crashing down like a Jenga tower. 

If you have back pain why don’t you come and get the honest truth about what the true cause is. 

At the Injury Rehab Centre we use the latest assessment technology to measure your flexibility, strength and balance to find discrepancies and deficiencies that may be causing your complaint and design a unique approach just for you to get back to 110%.


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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for Chronic Pain Sufferers


 Have you had pain for a long time? Unfortunately every year more and more Australians are being diagnosed with chronic back, shoulder and knee pain, often with the only solution being told to "take these pills" from their doctor with little to no meaningful outcome.

Chronic pain is complicated. Often it involves more than just a muscles that's a bit sore or a joint that's a bit stiff. This is the reason why it often lasts for a long time and regardless of the treatment you receive feeling good for a short period of time, the pain often always returns.

Unfortunately there is often no magic treatment, and that's the reason we do things a little differently at the Injury Rehab Centre.

We created our UNLMTD therapy plan specifically to care for patients with chronic pain.

Using the latest assessment technology we'll measure your flexibility, strength, balance to find out what you need to beat chronic pain.

We'll give you all the hands on treatment you need to feel better and move...

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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for Running Related Pain or Injury


What's your running dream? Is it to take part in your 1st Marathon? Maybe it's your 10th. Maybe it's a fun run for a charity that means a lot for you with friends. Do you run to lose weight? Do you run to stay mentally sane :P?

Running is an amazing past time that means a lot to different people. Unfortunately every year approximately 70% of runners will be injured, even more unfortunate is about 50% of these injuries are preventable or manageable with the right plan including long term niggling tendon pain of the foot, knee or hip.

That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we created our UNLMTD therapy plan specifically to help runners overcome running related pains or injury to get back to achieving their personal bests.

You get:
Unlimited hands on care as you need it to reduce pain and discomfort when training.

Elite running assessment including flexibility, strength, power measurement and slow motion running analysis to identify the true cause of your complaint.

A personalised running...

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Get Amazing Flexibility in your Care with the UNLMTD Membership!

Do you struggle to find the time to fit in your physio or osteo appointment around your busy lifestyle despite being in pain and unable to achieve your exercise goals our perform to your best!
Here at TIRC we offer an unlimited therapy membership so our hours are your hours! We know that work can really put you behind when it comes to looking after yourself! This model offers you the flexibility of choosing your hours as well as getting full team care from TIRC therapists!
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What's the difference between you and an elite athlete when it comes to injury rehabilitation. Absolutely nothing!


What's the difference between you and an elite athlete when it comes to injury rehabilitation. Absolutely nothing!

That's why we created our UNLMTD Therapy model to give you the same treatment and care of an elite athlete, but at an affordable weekly price, including unlimited hands on treatment, specialised assessment using the latest technology and a unique exercise rehabilitation plan to get you where you need to be.

Don't delay. Get looked after like a sports star. Go to or call 95537024 to book your appointment today!

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What's More Precious Than Time, Wasted Time In Getting Better, Set Backs Etc.


How long have you been in pain or suffered an injury for? Are you stuck on the treatment merry go round constantly getting treatment on and off but getting nowhere.

That's why we developed our UNLMTD therapy model to help you get back to 110% better in the fastest time possible with all the hands on treatment, unique assessment and personalised training you need to get you where you want to go.

Get back to what you love to do. Call 95537024 or go to to book online today!

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Difference Between Snatch and Clean & Jerk

The benefits of these two exercises are undeniable.

  • The movements use just about every muscle in the body and not only test pure strength but require large amounts of power, agility, flexibility, mobility, proprioception and speed.

    There is a slight difference between the clean and jerk and snatch. With good technique, you can lift ~20% more load with a clean and jerk as it requires more raw strength compared to the snatch which on the other hand, requires more flexibility, mobility and coordination.

    Other Benefits of olympic weight lifting and variations are cardiovascular benefits, anaerobic endurance, develops core and back strength, movement patterns and motor skills, improves balance, vertical jump and power and increases testosterone levels to stimulate growth and lose fat.

    If you want to learn how to start lifting without wrecking yourself, or simply improve your lifts and hit a new personal best, feel better, move better and perform better visit
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Three Reasons Why Your Discs Are Nothing Like A Jam Doughnut

Traditionally Jam doughnuts have been used to metaphorically describe our vertebral discs and in particular a disc bulge! Whilst this may seem logical, it could not be further from the truth comparing these two things. ๐Ÿคจ
Here are three reasons why our vertebral discs are NOTHING like a jam doughnut:
1: Our vertebral discs are consistently adapting structures that transduce high levels or force on a daily basis. Jam doughnuts however are simply a delicious treat to eat, that can handle very minimal levels of force. ๐Ÿ˜‹
2: Our discs have the ability to absorb high levels of forces in many different directions, where as Jam doughnuts have a very limited range of forces that they can absorb, but not lacking in deliciousness ๐Ÿฉ
3: Our discs have the ability to increase hydration levels through loading them with exercise such as running, which highlights how beneficial running can be for our backs. Jam doughnuts cannot rehydrate themselves, they're just a delicious inanimate object...
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But What About Endurance For Runners?

Research continues to support the implementation of slow and heavy resistance training for runners, as we know for example, the calf and Achilles can take any where from 5 to 8x our body weight.
This type of load cannot be achieved from performing exercises with 15-20 reps of a resistance exercise! But what about developing my endurance we hear you say! ๐Ÿค”
Well the good news is, research shows that by implementing heavy strength training, our endurance can be maintained or improved through the sport itself rather than specific exercises, whether it be running or team based sports! Put simply, leave the endurance for running, not the gym! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
If you'd like to feel better, move better and perform better visit
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