Ed is a Physiotherapist as well as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. He completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement at Victoria University in 2014. Having acquired a foundation and understanding of the human anatomy and exercise, he further completed a Master of Physiotherapy Practice at Latrobe University in 2017.
During his time as a CrossFit level 1 trainer, he has been able to understand the fundamentals and requirements of the body to successfully perform various Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics and track and field movements.

Edouard is passionate and an advocate of using movement in a controlled manner alongside Physiotherapy techniques (stretching, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, neurodynamics, massage and soft tissue techniques) will help achieve results in his patients. Edouard has shown results in radicular pain, shoulder, neck, back, hip and thigh and knee pain. He has a keen interest in shoulder and neck pain together with post-operative rehabilitation. Combining movement analysis, exercise and Physiotherapy techniques, Edouard can help with pain management, rehabilitation, injury prevention and optimal performance development.

Edouard practices what he preaches and enjoys staying fit and healthy at the gym or being outdoors. Likes a team-based sport, the English Premier League, track and field events and isn’t shy to take on a sportive challenge.

Qualifications: Masters of Physiotherapy Practice, Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement, Level 1 CrossFit trainer.


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