Inventor of the industry-changing MAT + AxIT System.

Worldwide presenter and educator.


Steve is a PhysiotherapistOsteopathPersonal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach and travels the world each year helping other health and professionals help their own patients and clients.

Steve thinks a bit differently and that's why he's at the forefront of multiple industries helping transform the traditionally backwards health and fitness professions through his positions on boards at Sports Medicine Australia, the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Osteopathy Australia.

Steve loves working with a range of injuries, with a particular focus on running and ACL injuries, as well as those tricky problems other health and fitness professionals have struggled with. 

Steve treats a lot less these days as he is also the director of Strength By NumbersMovement Assessment Technologies and host of the 21st Century Physio podcast and Online Physiotherapy Symposium, as well as often consulting to other businesses and athletes.

His passion is helping not only his local community (he lives 900m from the centre) in Bayside feel better, move better and perform better, but helping health and fitness professionals around the world enhance their decision making and improve their treatment and training plans through the use of objective data, ensuring better client outcomes and more impactful businesses.

Having a unique background being a dual-masters qualified Physiotherapist and Osteopath, as well as being an S + C Coach and Personal Trainer, Steve is aware of the key issues health and fitness professionals around the world face - including:

▶ Lacking the data to confirm whether or not they are actually helping their patients and clients
▶ Difficulty standardising their assessment, treatment and training processes across all members of their teams
▶ Having trouble standing out from the crowd and offering a point of difference in an extremely competitive healthcare environment
▶ Implementing evidence-based strategies.

Now, after training over 5000 health and fitness professionals around the world on his evidence-based assessment, treatment and training methods, Steve has a way to help your reach your goals…..with OBJECTIVE DATA and the latest technology - particularly with his MAT his AxIT System.

His personal goal is help you become the best version of yourself. On a bigger scale it's to objectify all assessments health and fitness professionals perform and help 10 million patients and clients each day around the world, through health and fitness professionals using the MAT’s and AxIT's objective data strategies and game-changing technology.

Qualifications: B.Sc, M.H.Sc (Osteopathy), Master of Physiotherapy, Cert 3+4 in Fitness, DMA Pilates Level 1-4, Certification in Applied Functional Science


*Strict 24-hours cancellation notice required or full cancellation fee applies with all appointments with Steve


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