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Tendons – What is it?

theinjuryrehabcentre Nov 01, 2018

Tendon injuries which are commonly referred to as ‘Tendinopathies’ are highly prevalent through society and athletic populations. Within the body any tendon can become painful, with the most common sites being in the lower limb (either Achilles or patella) due to the forces exerted from high impact activities such as running, jumping and landing. We also Tendinopathies through the upper extremity, throwing athletes (cricket, baseball) or racquet sport athletes  suffering from tennis/golfers elbow (forearm muscles) or Rotator cuff Tendinopathies (most likely the supraspinatus). There are a few clear reasons why tendons become injured, they are;

  • An excessive amount of load in a short period of time (playing a new sport/ spending a whole day using a hammer).  During this period our body doesn’t have enough recovery time to allow the muscle/tendon to adapt to the load so it breaks down (we see pain and inflammation).
  • A period of de-load (rest) then resuming...
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Carb Loading For Performance?

theinjuryrehabcentre Oct 31, 2018
It was once believed that high carbohydrate diets was THE diet every competing athlete should consume before an event. Professor Louise M Burke, head of sports nutrition, retracted her statement 9 years later her initial findings.
Carbohydrates are the building blocks your body uses to turn into energy storage (glycogen) and often the first source your body turns to perform activity.
The latest evidence shows no benefit of high carb loading before shorter events, less than 90 minutes long.
Carbs should be periodised depending on the demands of the event, however ongoing research is still required. Diet will depend on the individual’s ability to adapt from 3 up to 12 months.
What does this mean?
The evidence is still limited and ever changing. There is no clear answer. However what we do know, is that going crazy on the carbs the night before your first run may not be the be all end all choice - especially for those shorter duration events; and that...
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The Best Running Program For You

theinjuryrehabcentre Sep 15, 2018
⌚ I bet you’re counting down the weeks, sleeps (and runs) you have left until your next big day.
🏆 Make sure you are well prepared for your big run, whether you are a novice or experienced runner. This is to ensure a spectacular, struggle free day. Let’s put the hard work into your program NOW rather than reap the burn, on what should be, a “run”-derful day!
Book yourself an appointment with one of our running physiotherapists and marathoners to help you DASH past that finish line!
Your individualised program should include the combination of both endurance and strengthening exercises to optimise your specific needs and capabilities.
If you’d like to feel better, move better and perform better visit buff.ly/2MDGH0P
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They Say Running is Bad for the Knees

theinjuryrehabcentre Sep 07, 2018
🤫 Let me tell you a secret.
🧙‍ The secret to a healthy, functional and pain free knee.
You may have heard the phrase “movement is medicine”.
And you’re probably wondering: But not running, surely?
📚 You may have countlessly been told not to run in fear that you damage your knee. Unless you have already had a serious injury to your knee, seek a healthcare professional for expert advice. The truth is, the evidence debates otherwise.
Did you know recreational runners had the LOWEST rate of developing knee osteoarthritis of 3.5%? Non-runners on the other hand, increased their chances of developing knee osteoarthritis with a rate of 10.2%. That’s a staggering DOUBLE to TRIPLE the difference!
With different medical presentations, lifestyle factors and personal preferences, we understand that everyone is different.
If you’d like to feel better, move better and perform better visit http://buff.ly/2MDGH0P
Book yourself...
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Should I Lift Heavy Before My Big Run?

theinjuryrehabcentre Aug 31, 2018
🤔Has anyone ever told you not to lift heavy because you should not “get big” before that big run coming ahead? Think twice. 
The evidence is emerging. 
💪 It has been shown that SLOW and HEAVY low repetition resistance training, as well as EXPLOSIVE resistance training at least 2-3 times a week only enhances running efficiency, speed and strength. Systematic reviews have shown improved running economy by 8% in the resistance trained group compared to the untrained control group, without putting on additional muscle.
🏃 Did you also know that your calves take up to 8 TIMES the load of your body weight when running? The stiffness of your achilles tendons will also not change enough with running alone. This highlights the importance of strength training even further, not only for performance but also injury prevention. 
If you’d like to feel better, move better and perform better visit buff.ly/2MDGH0P
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Soccer Sport Specific Training

theinjuryrehabcentre Aug 31, 2018
Players cover between 8-12km in total over a 90min match with 98% of that distance without the ball. The total distance covered comprised of 7.9% backwards, 3% sideways and 89% forwards movement in English Premier League players (Bloomfield, Polman and O’Donoghue (2007a)).
This is a necessity in soccer, in which an individual may perform up to 1400 changes in activity, equating to one every 6 seconds (Reilly and Thomas, 1976; Bangsbo, Norregaard and Thorsoe, 1991; Mohr, Krustrup and Bangsbo, 2003). Ekblom (1986) and Withers et al. (1982) suggested that, again depending on positional role, these include anaerobic, skilled actions of 14 tackles, 9 headers, 50 ball involvements and 30 passes, per game, in addition to the rapid accelerations, decelerations, changes in direction and external stressors such as the presence of opponents.
During a match a player may perform 150-250 brief, intense actions (Mohr, Krustrup and Bangsbo, 2003) including 15 tackles, 10...
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Why Runners Think They Get Injured?

theinjuryrehabcentre Aug 30, 2018
😱If you have ever been told the reason for your running injury was due to insufficient stretching, shoes or flat feet, you may be surprised.
📰 The literature explains that there is not enough evidence to point the finger at these reasons. (Saragiotto, 2014)
🏃 When tracking load, injuries do not peak until at least 3 to 6 weeks after training has commenced. In other words, appropriate LOADING is critical in the early stages to prevent these injuries from occurring!
Mechanotherapy is the loading of your bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments and structures. Decreased pain sensitisation occurs with this loading.
Physiotherapists understand the fine balance between underloading and overloading, as well as the demands of endurance runs. 
If you’d like to feel better, move better and perform better visit buff.ly/2MDGH0P
Get yourself a REHAB PLAN to ensure optimal performance and a pain free finish.
Book yourself an appointment with...
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Are YOU or DO YOU KNOW an injured RUNNER?

theinjuryrehabcentre Jan 06, 2016

Unfortunately it’s a more common problem than not with recent statistics from Sports Medicine Australia finding that up to 70% of recreational and competitive runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12-month period.

The reason for this is often due to the repetitive stress the sport can cause when there are imbalances in the way we move, over thousands of steps these can start to add up.

At the Injury Rehab Centre our unique approach to assessment goes above and beyond other clinics. Utilising the latest technology in slow motion capture, force plate analysis, strength testing, our M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool) and traditional Physiotherapy and Osteopathic assessment techniques we get to the CAUSE of your issue and tailor a unique treatment and training management plan to get you to where YOU want to be.
If you suffer from a running injury don’t let pain slow you down. Contact us at the Injury Rehab Centre and book your appointment today.
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