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The 3 W’s to avoid Tennis Injuries in 2017

Tennis is among one of the world’s most popular sports and unlike many of other sports, games have no specified time limit. This highly demanding sport places individuals at risk for injury especially with an increased volume and duration of play to due stresses and strain of player fatigue. There are a variety of factors that you may face on the tennis court from the surface you prefer to play on to your racquet grip position or stroke technique.

With the Australian Open beginning we will see the worlds best players take the court over the next 2 weeks. The Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham have a small connection to the tournament with their clinical innovation the M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool used by 1000+ therapists worldwide) used by medical staff touring with the ATP.

The M.A.T featuring at Rod Laver Arena

Unfortunately a number of the players on tour will also be forced to leave the court and the tournament...

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