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Don’t let injuries sink your swimming health with these 3 tips

swimming Feb 28, 2017

It’s the last day of Summer and for many of us that means that means that we’ve been taking advantage of the hotter weather here in Cheltenham and the Bayside areas by hitting the pool or getting into the bay for a swim. Swimming is a great activity that challenges the cardiovascular system while offering individuals a variety of strokes to challenge different muscle groups while also being a low impact form of exercise on the joints. If you are looking to increase your frequency of swimming, whether you be an avid swimmer, triathlete, or just looking for a cross-training option, here is what you should know to avoid injury and improve your swimming performance.

Who gets injured?

Shoulder injuries to the rotator cuff muscles and the shoulder joint are most common in swimmers with a prevalence between 40-91% in all swimmers

The Breast Strokers have a 5-times risk of injury to the inside of the knee (The second most common injury site).

Low Back Pain can also be...

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