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Mother's Day Massage Special. 3 x 1 Hour Massage Only $150

news May 01, 2018

Hey you! Mothers day is coming up May 13th. You know nothing says “I love you” like the relief from the aches and pains of looking after your sorry ass all these years with 3 x 1 hour massages at the Injury Rehab Centre.

Hurry though this amazing Mothers Day offer is limited to the first 13 people who claim.

Call 95537024 to reserve yours, come in and visit us at the clinic 4/158 Chesterville Rd Cheltenham.

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Injury Rehab Centre sponsors Bentleigh Junior FC

football news Apr 19, 2018

Footies back and it’s with great pride that we announce that the Physiotherapist and Osteopaths from Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham will be sponsoring the Bentleigh Junior Football Club for the next 3 years!

Junior football helps many children stay fit and active but unfortunately like any sport can also be a source of pain and injury on young growing bodies.

Our aim has always been to be the GO-TO Physio and Osteo resource in our community for helping people achieve their health goals, including making sure children of all ages are healthy to participate in junior level sport, having fun with their friends, pain-free.

We will be providing the level of Physio support and service to BJFC using the latest assessment technology (including our very own trademarked Movement Assessment Tool used by AFL teams and thousands of practitioners worldwide), measuring flexibility, strength and balance to identify early kids who are at risk of injury, and providing the...

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news Nov 01, 2017


Have you been stuck on the injury or pain merry-go-round? Are you finally ready for a long-term solution so you can get back to what you really love to do?
At the Injury Rehab Centre, our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths provide hands-on care while working with you to develop a unique plan to turn you into your own therapist so you can help yourself!
Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths have helped thousands of Bayside locals just like you get back to feeling better, moving better and performing better and our methods are world renowned.
For the month of November, the Injury Rehab Centre is offering new patients the opportunity to use up their remaining private healthcare extras benefit by claiming their New Patient Initial Physiotherapy or Osteopathy appointment with no further gap...
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How to build a bulletproof body for F45

news Feb 02, 2017

Was awesome for our Physios and Osteos to get down to F45 Moorabbin to present “How to build a bulletproof body for F45” in the lead up to their 8 week challenge!

We covered:
– The top 5 F45 injuries you need to avoid to win an 8 week challenge.
– The reason why 95% of injuries occur in F45.
– How to build a bulletproof body for F45 to give you the best chance to win an 8 week challenge and achieve your fitness goals.
– 3 tests you can do right now to screen if you are at risk of injury.
– Why the Injury Rehab Centre can help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE video of this presentation click here!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the 8 week challenge! If you are suffering from pain and injury that is holding you back from training your hardest to achieve the best possible results contact the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham by booking an appointment online or call the...

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Injury Rehab Centre gets involved with Waves Leisure Centre

news Dec 13, 2016

Last weekend the Physiotherapy and Osteopathy team at the Injury Rehab Centre had a great morning getting involved with the Waves Leisure Centre’s Members Breakfast. The morning included a great group workout and breakfast sausage sizzle that had all participants drooling.

The Physio’s and Osteo’s at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham were also on site to provide advice and free injury screens to the participants to reduce risk of injury.

At the Injury Rehab Centre we are passionate about helping members of the Cheltenham and Bayside community achieve their goals of feeling better, moving better and performing better!


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New Patients pay no gap in November!

news Nov 01, 2016

Use it or lose it this November!

At the Injury Rehab Centre our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in Cheltenham have always had the goal to help more people Feel Better, Move Better and Perform Better. In celebration of this goal we’ve decided to offer all New Patients* their first consultation at the Injury Rehab Centre totally GAP FREE.

This means that your first consultation on the road to recovery with one of our Physiotherapists or Osteopaths only requires you to bring your private health care card with Extras coverage, nothing else.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to finish the year Feeling Better, Moving Better and Performing Better in the lead up to the silly season.

Previous patients we haven’t forgotten you either!

Many of our previous patients will be looking to get back into activity or start a pre-season for their sport of choice toward the end of the year. Unfortunately this can be a prime time for re-injury. At the Injury Rehab...

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What are the best supplements to take?

news resources Jul 01, 2016

Often as Physiotherapists and Osteopaths working in the Cheltenham and Bayside area we get asked for advice on what supplements can be beneficial for certain conditions that many of our patients suffer. Some common examples that many people ask us about are.

  • Fish oil or other Omega-3 supplements for inflammatory pain such as foot pain or back pain.
  • Glucosamine supplements for joint health such as arthritic knee pain and hip pain.
  • Magnesium supplements for muscular tightness such as calf or hamstring pain or injury or other cramping type pain.

Often it can be hard to give definitive advice on what are the best supplements for our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy patients to take, anecdotally some people can get great results from one thing, while others won’t see much effect. It can also be hard to find great research to support some products and can be hard to understand.

This has been made a bit easier by the team at InformationIsBeautiful.net as they have created some...

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We’ll be away from the 7th – 18th of April

news Mar 29, 2016

From the 7th – 18th of April our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham will be away teaching therapists from Hong Kong and Taiwan some of the cutting edge assessment, treatment and training techniques that make the Injury Rehab Centre so unique.

This will include training other Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and other therapists how to use the Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T), a unique innovation that the directors of the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham created to gather more data on their patients and clients.

If you would like to be managed by the therapists that teach other therapists around the world book your appointment online today.

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