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Do School Bags Cause Back Pain?

Parents! Do School bags cause back pain in adolescents? Let's look at the research.

"Based on evidence from five longitudinal studies (n=1851 chil- dren and adolescents) and more than 60 cross-sectional studies, there is no convincing evidence that aspects of schoolbag use increase the risk of back pain. "

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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for Running Related Pain or Injury


What's your running dream? Is it to take part in your 1st Marathon? Maybe it's your 10th. Maybe it's a fun run for a charity that means a lot for you with friends. Do you run to lose weight? Do you run to stay mentally sane :P?

Running is an amazing past time that means a lot to different people. Unfortunately every year approximately 70% of runners will be injured, even more unfortunate is about 50% of these injuries are preventable or manageable with the right plan including long term niggling tendon pain of the foot, knee or hip.

That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we created our UNLMTD therapy plan specifically to help runners overcome running related pains or injury to get back to achieving their personal bests.

You get:
Unlimited hands on care as you need it to reduce pain and discomfort when training.

Elite running assessment including flexibility, strength, power measurement and slow motion running analysis to identify the true cause of your complaint.

A personalised running...

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