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Do you have a slipped disc? 

Do you have a slipped disc? 

Ever wondered how that could happen? Is there a mysterious banana peel in your spine that your disc stepped on? Maybe a slippery surface after someone did some cleaning around your spine? Maybe your discs are just clumsy. 

The truth is discs don’t slip. Actually they hardly even move. That’s because they’re surrounded in thick fibrous tissue that keeps your spine super strong and flexible.

Sure they might not be as new as what they were when you were younger but they are never going to fly out of your back and come crashing down like a Jenga tower. 

If you have back pain why don’t you come and get the honest truth about what the true cause is. 

At the Injury Rehab Centre we use the latest assessment technology to measure your flexibility, strength and balance to find discrepancies and deficiencies that may be causing your complaint and design a unique approach just for you to get back to 110%.


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