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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for Chronic Pain Sufferers


 Have you had pain for a long time? Unfortunately every year more and more Australians are being diagnosed with chronic back, shoulder and knee pain, often with the only solution being told to "take these pills" from their doctor with little to no meaningful outcome.

Chronic pain is complicated. Often it involves more than just a muscles that's a bit sore or a joint that's a bit stiff. This is the reason why it often lasts for a long time and regardless of the treatment you receive feeling good for a short period of time, the pain often always returns.

Unfortunately there is often no magic treatment, and that's the reason we do things a little differently at the Injury Rehab Centre.

We created our UNLMTD therapy plan specifically to care for patients with chronic pain.

Using the latest assessment technology we'll measure your flexibility, strength, balance to find out what you need to beat chronic pain.

We'll give you all the hands on treatment you need to feel better and move...

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