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AxIT Tech Launch

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Calibration Day!

axit injuryrehabcentre Mar 06, 2019
To celebrate the release of the brand new AxIT Technology, we thought we would show some of some of the amazing features of the force plates, known as the 'Stomp it' system.
We have had the pleasure of using this technology exclusively at The Injury Rehab Centre to assess our clients baseline strength and track their rehabilitation progress.
Our personal favourite of the new AxIT technology is the force plates as they are a very versatile piece of equipment which helps quantity an exact number on the force and power of each limb. This helps identify the difference between each limb, which may be the true cause of your pain or persistent injuries. This is information that you would not be able to find through any other means and is currently exclusive The Injury Rehab Centre.
This information provides great value by identifying any strength or power discrepancies, thus leading to a great tailored rehabilitation program that is designed for you, so you get the...
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The future of assessment is here - Introducing the AxIT system

axit injuryrehabcentre Feb 28, 2019
We're bringing latest assessment technology NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN A CLINIC ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to Bayside!

Over three years and thousands of hours of research and development, it's with great pride that The Injury Rehab Centre launches it's latest innovation to help you achieve your health and fitness goals - the AxIT Testing System, bringing us another step closer to our goal of being the best and most cutting edge clinic in Melbourne.

Why is this important to you?

- This technology allows us to be even more accurate when assessing you so we can identify the true cause of your pain and injury. We never guess with your health. 

- It allows us to know that the treatment plan we develop for you is effective and that you are getting closer to feeling better, moving better and performing better.

- It makes our clinic the one stop shop for all your assessment, treatment and exercise rehabilitation needs. We really have it all.

If you suffer from an injury, and want to be...
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