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Why the UNLMTD Membership is Perfect for ACL


An ACL injury is almost as traumatic as it gets. An expensive surgery, 12 months on the sidelines, and that uncertainty that you will ever get back to playing sport or feeling normal about your knee ever again.

For some young people the risk of re-injury to the ACL after returning to sport is as high as 62%.

That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we created our UNLMTD plan to care specifically for ACL reconstruction rehabilitation in the same way million dollar sports stars do, for one low weekly price.

Get assessed using the latest technology previously only found in elite sporting clubs to track your progress every step of the way.

Get all the treatment and 1-on-1 supervision you need to guarantee the best outcome in your rehab journey.

Get unlimited access to our elite Rehab Gym with all the equipment and resources you need to return to sport at 110% full of confidence!

Take the guess work out of whether or not your ACL rehabilitation will be a success.

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