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Why your back MRI doesn’t = PAIN?

Back pain is the #1 musculoskeletal complaint suffered by Australians. It makes sense to most people that the source of their low back pain can be explained simply by getting their Doctor, Physio or Osteo to refer them for an MRI or scan of their spine. At the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham we’ve seen that recently people have become wrapped around the idea that the scan will reveal all of the true causes of pain so that treatments can be directed specifically at that nasty little thing that is causing the problem.

What if we told you to save your money?

Now we are not saying that a scan doesn’t have its place, there may be clinical signs and symptoms that warrant an imaging referral so as to rule out a complication or to determine an individuals candidacy for surgery. The problem is that with scanning technology becoming more readily available, more and more people are being referred for imaging when it is an unnecessary expense.

This also sets up...

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Treadmill Tuesday Episode 3 – Strength Training For Runners

resources running Feb 07, 2017

In this episode of Treadmill Tuesday Running Physio Alex Kimp from the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham talks about the importance of strength training for runners and how it can help avoid running injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy and Patellar Tracking Syndrome.


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How to build a bulletproof body for F45

news Feb 02, 2017

Was awesome for our Physios and Osteos to get down to F45 Moorabbin to present “How to build a bulletproof body for F45” in the lead up to their 8 week challenge!

We covered:
– The top 5 F45 injuries you need to avoid to win an 8 week challenge.
– The reason why 95% of injuries occur in F45.
– How to build a bulletproof body for F45 to give you the best chance to win an 8 week challenge and achieve your fitness goals.
– 3 tests you can do right now to screen if you are at risk of injury.
– Why the Injury Rehab Centre can help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE video of this presentation click here!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the 8 week challenge! If you are suffering from pain and injury that is holding you back from training your hardest to achieve the best possible results contact the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham by booking an appointment online or call the...

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Run less, improve your running results?

injuryprevention running Jan 31, 2017

One of the biggest hurdles the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths encounter at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham is convincing our patients with running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, knee pain or ITB syndrome is that the way for them to reduce their rate of injury AND improve their performance is to run less and do more weights in the gym.

A lot of runners have difficulty making time for the weight room or even hear the misconception that lifting weights will only hurt their performance with running. This however is proven to be untrue and there are plenty of options and routes for strength training programs such as traditional weight lifting, HIIT, and plyometric programs however it can be confusing to know which style of training is most suitable for you.

Mo Farah one of the greatest runners of all time didn’t get there by only running. He also adopts a consistent strength program

Let’s convince you why strength training is...

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The 3 W’s to avoid Tennis Injuries in 2017

Tennis is among one of the world’s most popular sports and unlike many of other sports, games have no specified time limit. This highly demanding sport places individuals at risk for injury especially with an increased volume and duration of play to due stresses and strain of player fatigue. There are a variety of factors that you may face on the tennis court from the surface you prefer to play on to your racquet grip position or stroke technique.

With the Australian Open beginning we will see the worlds best players take the court over the next 2 weeks. The Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham have a small connection to the tournament with their clinical innovation the M.A.T (Movement Assessment Tool used by 1000+ therapists worldwide) used by medical staff touring with the ATP.

The M.A.T featuring at Rod Laver Arena

Unfortunately a number of the players on tour will also be forced to leave the court and the tournament...

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Treadmill Tuesday Episode 2 – How Fast Should You Be Running?

resources running Jan 11, 2017

In this episode of Treadmill Tuesday, running Physio Alex Kimp talks about the importance of cadence and how correcting it can help you avoid running related injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy or ITB syndrome. If you are a runner suffering from a running injury contact the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham.


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Treadmill Tuesday Episode 1 – Introduction

resources running Jan 10, 2017

In this episode of Treadmill Tuesday running Physio Alex Kimp introduces his new video blog series focusing on how the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths at the Injury Rehab Centre can help runners avoid running related injury like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon pain, runners knee and perform better on the track.

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Injury Rehab Centre gets involved with Waves Leisure Centre

news Dec 13, 2016

Last weekend the Physiotherapy and Osteopathy team at the Injury Rehab Centre had a great morning getting involved with the Waves Leisure Centre’s Members Breakfast. The morning included a great group workout and breakfast sausage sizzle that had all participants drooling.

The Physio’s and Osteo’s at the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham were also on site to provide advice and free injury screens to the participants to reduce risk of injury.

At the Injury Rehab Centre we are passionate about helping members of the Cheltenham and Bayside community achieve their goals of feeling better, moving better and performing better!


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1 unusual fact about Basketball & 7 facts about Basketball Injuries

Basketball is the world’s 2nd most participated sport with over 213 countries involved and 450 million players. Interestingly it is also Australia’s 2nd highest team participation sport with an estimated one million people.

Unusual Fact:

The talent pool also continues to grow here in Australia as Melbourne has developed more #1 NBA draft picks than any other city in the last 11 years through Andrew Bogut, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons (who currently is yet to make his NBA debut after fracturing his foot in September) while Chicago continues to hold the all time most.

With the increasing popularity of Basketball in Melbourne we Physiotherapists and Osteopaths continue to see an increase in basketball injuries such as those suffered by Simmons that can lead to time on the sidelines and frustration for younger players who miss out on game time.

Australian Basketball Injury Facts:

  • Basketball accounts for 4% of all HOSPITALISED sports injuries.
  • 79%...
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AFL Injuries. A story of Running, Kicking and Screaming

football Nov 28, 2016

Aussie rules, our religion. Even when we are not playing or watching it, it’s still taking up the back 8 pages of the newspaper with the recent league draft. These younger players are the most at risk of injury as they adapt to the stresses and strains of playing professional football. But what about your non elite player?

At the Injury Rehab Centre we see many footballers presenting to our Phyiotherapists and Osteopaths in Cheltenham for football related injuries, particularly hamstring strains.

Australian Rules Football is played by over 224,000 Australians and ranked as the eleventh most popular sport played by kids and adults. Hamstring injuries continue to be the most prevalent and recurring injury that many Australian Rules football players have to deal with. Hamstrings are considered one of the “big three” injuries along with ACL and groin injuries. Elite players have missed an average of 21 games at the professional level over the past 10 years due to...

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