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They Say Running is Bad for the Knees

theinjuryrehabcentre Sep 07, 2018
🤫 Let me tell you a secret.
🧙‍ The secret to a healthy, functional and pain free knee.
You may have heard the phrase “movement is medicine”.
And you’re probably wondering: But not running, surely?
📚 You may have countlessly been told not to run in fear that you damage your knee. Unless you have already had a serious injury to your knee, seek a healthcare professional for expert advice. The truth is, the evidence debates otherwise.
Did you know recreational runners had the LOWEST rate of developing knee osteoarthritis of 3.5%? Non-runners on the other hand, increased their chances of developing knee osteoarthritis with a rate of 10.2%. That’s a staggering DOUBLE to TRIPLE the difference!
With different medical presentations, lifestyle factors and personal preferences, we understand that everyone is different.
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