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Soccer Sport Specific Training

theinjuryrehabcentre Aug 31, 2018
Players cover between 8-12km in total over a 90min match with 98% of that distance without the ball. The total distance covered comprised of 7.9% backwards, 3% sideways and 89% forwards movement in English Premier League players (Bloomfield, Polman and O’Donoghue (2007a)).
This is a necessity in soccer, in which an individual may perform up to 1400 changes in activity, equating to one every 6 seconds (Reilly and Thomas, 1976; Bangsbo, Norregaard and Thorsoe, 1991; Mohr, Krustrup and Bangsbo, 2003). Ekblom (1986) and Withers et al. (1982) suggested that, again depending on positional role, these include anaerobic, skilled actions of 14 tackles, 9 headers, 50 ball involvements and 30 passes, per game, in addition to the rapid accelerations, decelerations, changes in direction and external stressors such as the presence of opponents.
During a match a player may perform 150-250 brief, intense actions (Mohr, Krustrup and Bangsbo, 2003) including 15 tackles, 10 headers, 30 passes and 50 direct ball involvements (Bangsbo, Norregaard and Thorsoe, 1991). Furthermore the frequency of efforts has been noted with sprints performed every 90 seconds, lasting 2-4 seconds, equating to 3% of total playing time, something that is often exaggerated in controlled environment match simulations.
The brief duration of soccer sprints means that 96% are less then 30m distance with 49% less than 10m (Valquer, 1998) and it is here that anaerobic sources with high energy phosphates are highly taxed.
Bangsbo (1994a) and Reilly (2003) observed heart rates to be approximately 170bpm-1 (80-90%HRmax) in match play. All heart rates were reduced in the second half, regardless of position or level.
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