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Should I Lift Heavy Before My Big Run?

theinjuryrehabcentre Aug 31, 2018
🤔Has anyone ever told you not to lift heavy because you should not “get big” before that big run coming ahead? Think twice. 
The evidence is emerging. 
💪 It has been shown that SLOW and HEAVY low repetition resistance training, as well as EXPLOSIVE resistance training at least 2-3 times a week only enhances running efficiency, speed and strength. Systematic reviews have shown improved running economy by 8% in the resistance trained group compared to the untrained control group, without putting on additional muscle.
🏃 Did you also know that your calves take up to 8 TIMES the load of your body weight when running? The stiffness of your achilles tendons will also not change enough with running alone. This highlights the importance of strength training even further, not only for performance but also injury prevention. 
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