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How Important Are Your Running Shoes, Really?

injuryrehabcentre Oct 20, 2018
Everyone loves a fresh pair of kicks. But what are the KEY things to look for when purchasing a running shoe? And more importantly, does it even matter?
There has been hot debate between minimalist vs maximal support shoes. There is actually not enough evidence to point to a perfect, one size fits all shoe. This all really does depend on you, your needs and pre-existing injuries and niggles.
Minimalist shoes mimic our “natural” running pattern, and the limited evidence showed that it produces higher impact in our novice runners. Minimalist shoes are therefore not recommended for our heavier runners in reducing injury.
Minimalist shoes will also load different joints to our maximal support shoes. We also know that conditioning our bodies to external load will help combat aches and pains. That being said, do our shoes really matter? IT DEPENDS!
What we DO know is that comfort takes priority and that regularly rotating our shoes can reduce our risk of injury by 39% in runners.
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