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Harmful? Helpful?

injuryrehabcentre Nov 21, 2018

If you've seen a practitioner recently that's said anything above the line to you, consider if they really have your wellbeing in mind.⠀

We know there's a lot of misinformation out there in the health and fitness world. That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we take a no BS approach to managing your pain or injury. That means if it's not legit, we won't tell you/sell you it.⠀

That's also the reason we choose to use the latest assessment technology, including a lot we've had to invent because there simply wasn't what we needed out there. We use this to measure your flexibility, strength, balance and movement efficiency so we can determine what you need. Remember numbers don't lie!⠀

If you are sick of being BS'd when it comes to your pain, injury or health then get an opinion from the the clinic that goes above and beyond. ⠀

Call 95537024 or go to http://bit.ly/2OWTZpn to book an appointment today!⠀

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