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Carb Loading For Performance?

theinjuryrehabcentre Oct 31, 2018
It was once believed that high carbohydrate diets was THE diet every competing athlete should consume before an event. Professor Louise M Burke, head of sports nutrition, retracted her statement 9 years later her initial findings.
Carbohydrates are the building blocks your body uses to turn into energy storage (glycogen) and often the first source your body turns to perform activity.
The latest evidence shows no benefit of high carb loading before shorter events, less than 90 minutes long.
Carbs should be periodised depending on the demands of the event, however ongoing research is still required. Diet will depend on the individual’s ability to adapt from 3 up to 12 months.
What does this mean?
The evidence is still limited and ever changing. There is no clear answer. However what we do know, is that going crazy on the carbs the night before your first run may not be the be all end all choice - especially for those shorter duration events; and that individual adaptations need to be taken into consideration.
Stay fueled before your big run, replenish yourself during for recovery and remember to keep hydrated!
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