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Walking is not exercises

injuryrehabcentre Feb 13, 2019

The human race has been walking ever since we were created or have evolved whatever your beliefs, we are designed to be apex predators, hunters, and gatherers. 

Take a second and think about it. Homosapiens had a larger skeletal muscle and bone density than us (modern humans). That's because they had to work harder for their survival (food etc). Hunting, running, walking for days, staying alive and building their own shelter. They were active, strong and robust beings.

Walking was part of their daily necessity. It was not an exercise. It was like eating and sleeping. 
Although it is recommended, walking is simply not enough stimulus on its own to provide the health benefits that the skeletal muscle needs to adapt, build capacity and grow. 

If you are want to exceed your physical capacity of just walking so that when you do decide to perform a day of gardening, some home renovations or simply go for a run, play sports with some friends and do not second doubt yourself and don't pull up sore or get injured, book yourself @ the Injury Rehab Centre.

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