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The Top 5 ‘On the Course’ to hit the ball further and have less pain

golf resources Jul 12, 2017

Is this you?

“I really want to cream this drive but I feel like I can’t turn cause of this pinch in my back…”

Well you are not alone. Approximately 50% of male and female golfers will experience back pain at some stage which will stop them from playing their best.

But here’s what you can do.

Today I’m going to talk through 5 tips to help you get through your round with as little discomfort as possible.

1- Warm up!

Be honest, do you warm up at all? Most golfers don’t and it’s putting them at risk of injury and stopping them playing their best. Perform a variety of warm up exercises including hip and trunk rotation exercises. If you haven’t seen our previous posts, please have a look through the Injury Rehab Centre Youtube Channel which are perfect to perform before and during your round.

2 – Gradually Increase the swing forces – Putt > Wedges> Long Irons > Hybrid > Fairway wood > Driver

Start on the putting green and work your way up through short chipping, pitching, half wedges, full wedges and up from your short to full blooded long irons shots! This will allow your body to warm up gradually increasing the activation of muscles and joints to prepare for your round.

3 – Warm up both sides!

Research evidence suggests golfers with LBP have LARGER differences in muscle strength from one side to their trunk to the other. This isn’t surprising when you consider golf is a very one sided motion. A keen golfer will several hundred full swings in a regular week when you factor in a few rounds and a couple of buckets on the range. It is therefore important to practice swinging on the opposite side to help reduce any potential muscular imbalances.

You should take at least 1 x full shot on your opposite side for every regular shot on the practice range. These can be performed at 75% until you feel coordinated enough to do comfortably.

4 – Don’t sit in a cart! Walk!

If you can play golf, you should be able to WALK the course. Sitting defeats the purpose of warming up and allows muscles and joints to stiffen up between shots. Walking requires a base level of muscle activation in your trunk and keeps them ready to perform over and again during your swing! Keeping these moving is key.

5 – Don’t carry your clubs if possible, push them!

Studies suggest that carrying your clubs does increase the compression of your spine over an entire round as compared to walking alone. SO if your back is already a little sore. It is probably best to avoid! Instead, push them! This encourages more trunk muscular activity than walking alone and will help to keep everything ticking over nicely while your playing!

What the Injury Rehab Centre can do for Golf related injuries?

At the Injury Rehab Centre our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths investigate the physical components of the anatomy that help to contribute to an effective swing and a body that has reduced risk of injury during Golf. This includes looking at:

·       Flexibility ·       Strength
·       Range of motion ·       Power
·       Core stability ·       Promoting good golf posture
·       Correct motor pattern firing  
    Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths do this using the latest assessment technology usually only found in elite golfing academies including:
  • M.A.T Assessment created by the therapists of the Injury Rehab Centre to laser focus on areas of flexibility, balance and movement that identify whether your are at risk to sustain a golfing injury.
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis to IDENTIFY YOUR BAD GOLFING HABITS and give us more insight into what part of your swing could be causing your golf related pain.
  • Strength Testing to identify any strength discrepancies that have a huge role in increasing your injury risk.
  • Force Plate Technology to put a number on differences in the power you can generate through each leg that can lead to compensations and can cause repetitive stress injuries.
  • Traditional Physiotherapy and Osteopathy examinations to identify dysfunction.

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in Cheltenham then can devise a unique treatment and training plan to get you hitting the ball further, more consistently and with less pain so you have no more worries out on course.

If you are a Golfer looking to return to the course injury free, contact the clinic that goes above and beyond in the treatment of golf related issues. Call the clinic on 95537024 or book your appointment online today!

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