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Tech Hype!

injuryrehabcentre Mar 13, 2019
We're still hyped about the release of the AxIT assessment technology, which we are lucky enough to use every day at The Injury Rehab Centre! It makes rehab so much more specific, more rewarding and more fun! what more could you ask for!?
The AxIT system compliments our Movement Assessment Tool (MAT) which provides objective baseline measures of fundamental movements, as well as having the ability to track your progress. The MAT has been taught to thousands of therapists all around the world, changing the way we conduct rehabilitation. The AxIT system whilst is brand new, may not be far behind in its global reach!
Having an understanding of what needs to be addressed, as well as objectively tracking your progress is essential to keep you engaged and motivated in your rehab. These key elements will give the best and most efficient way of achieving your goals.

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