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Squat Series Part 2: The Ankle

injuryrehabcentre Jul 10, 2019

At The Injury Rehab Centre we use our very own MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to measure and quantify your ankle flexibility. We look at this joint, as it is vital for all lower limb activities such as running and especially the squat!

If there is a lack of flexibility at the ankle joint, it can lead to increasing demands on the knee, hip and lower back to make up for this deficit. by using the MAT we get an exact figure of your ankle range and compare it to the standard numbers of what should be achieved, as well as comparing your left and right sides. This enables you to implement strategies to improve your ankle flexibility and thus setting yourself up for success when it comes to the squat. The ankle may only make up a piece of the puzzle, but it is often a very important piece!

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