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Pain Vs Gain!

injuryrehabcentre Feb 08, 2019
When it comes to starting out exercise for the first time or after suffering an injury, there can be a few barriers stopping you from getting back into it!
Some of the more common barriers is a lack of time. Unfortunately, this is the most common one we see. Making time to take care of our health and well-being needs to be held as a higher priority.
Fear of pain or pulling up sore from exercise can be another barrier. Unfortunately, pulling up sore from exercise to some degree is inevitable, even when taking things slow and steady. This is just a normal biological response from the body and very rarely would have any correlation with tissue damage.
Here at the injury rehab centre, we love utilising our super session to go through elite testing to get to the true cause of your pain, which provides you with a specifically tailored program to get the best results. We also love providing guidance through our group rehabilitation classes!
Break down those barriers and make 2019 your best year!

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