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Overuse injuries in runners

injuryrehabcentre Feb 22, 2019

Up to 80% of runners will experience an overuse or overload injury. The good news is there is really good research that supports strength training as the best intervention for preventing this! In particular the heavier strength training, 4-6 reps for strength or 8-12 for muscle growth, rather than endurance based repetitions, eg 15-20 reps.

Identifying what needs to be strengthened and having a little more attention to detail will give you the best chance of getting on top of those annoying niggly running injuries, as well as improving your running efficiency!

Sometimes there may be a flaw in your technique, leading to an overload injury. Perhaps the flaw is due to a weakness or poor flexibility on one side. Your running technique may not be the 'be all and end all' but it may make up an important piece of the puzzle!

If you are suffering from niggly running injuries and unsure why then take advantage of our free running assessment when you book in for a standard initial consultation. We use video analysis and sensory technology to identify if any areas need to be fine-tuned to get you running better and pain-free!

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