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Golf Health – Reducing injury and improving your game can be the same thing.

golf injuryprevention Mar 16, 2016

From the outside golf can look like a gentle sport and we are very lucky to have so many great sand belt courses around the Cheltenham, Moorabin and Bayside areas. However, when we start to look at the complex interaction of muscle forces, and joint biomechanics required to play the perfect shot we can appreciate that injuries can occur like low back pain or golfer’s elbow pain any sport.


Did you know that 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer lower back pain and 30% of touring professionals are playing injured at any given time?


The professional tour players have recently adopted many strength and flexibility strategies to improve their game and reduce the risk of injury. They consult and see Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Strength and Conditioning coaches everyday to make sure they are finely tuned. This started with the likes of Tiger Woods and has become a common trend with athletes like Rory Mcilroy, Adam Scott, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth.  Many amateur golfers don’t put the time into the preparation side of their game and even though they don’t get paid the same doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect their body much less.


You would never play a game of football without training adequately leading up to the game and preparing with a comprehensive warm up routine before the first bounce, so why do so many golfers neglect this side of things?

The truth is often those little nuances in the way your body works that might be causing lower back pain or golfer’s elbows symptoms out on course might also be the same limitations that are reducing the distances of your drives, or causing inconsistency in your approach play.

At the Injury Rehab Centre our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths take a holistic approach to maximizing the movement efficiency of the body in the golf swing through our Golf Health program. This program doesn’t try to change your swing technique and only focuses on getting the most out of your body. Key components of the program include:


  • A full physical analysis of the way your body moves in relation to your golf swing complete with Slow Motion Video Capture and force measurement using our Force Plate Technology.
  • Hands on treatment to increase movement in key areas related to an efficient golf swing such as the foot and ankle complex, hips and thoracic spine.
  • Individualized mobility program to maintain flexibility in areas of limitation.
  • Individualized strength and conditioning program building actionable power and stamina to increase efficiency in transitional elements of the backswing and follow through of your swing.
  • Individualized warm up program to make sure you are physically prepared to get the most out of every round you play.

As mentioned previously this program is about maximising the efficiency of the way you move so you can better express your golf swing, not change your swing itself.

If physically your body is restricted or you suffer from some type of dysfunction that inhibits the complex sequencing that goes into the golf swing, no amount of money spent of clubs or lessons will improve your swing or reduce your lower back pain or golfer’s elbow symptoms. Only when you improve the function of your body will you get your game back on course.

If you are interested in increasing shot power and consistency in your shot play on course then contact our Physios and Osteos on 95537024 or book your appointment online.

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