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Dr Google Dilemma

injuryrehabcentre Feb 19, 2019

In the age of having some much information available to us, it is all too common that we resort to Dr Google to diagnose us and cure us! Unfortunately this a case of quantity over quality information. 

Our expectations of our prognosis is a significant indicator of the level of success you will get with your rehabilitation! If Dr Google has misdiagnosed you or has given you information that is not helpful, it can alter your expectations and set you up for failure from the start.

Dr Google also has the ability to instill fear in us due to this abundance of information that may seem scary. Not having a professional talk you through it can lead to increasing your fear and again lead to a poor outcome. 

Dr Google doesn't have the ability to examine you as an individual or provide any reasoning behind why you may be having your aches and pains.

At the Injury Rehab Centre, we are all about tailoring your own rehab by using the latest assessment technology, so you know its targeted to you and not a generic program from Google. 

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