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Don’t forget the neck! 2 essential golf neck exercises.

Why good neck flexibility is important to golfers!

Now every golfer at some point has probably been told that

  1. to create power you need to have good ‘shoulder turn’
  2. throughout your backswing you need to keep your eye on the ball

Your neck is the conduit between your head and your trunk. It is made up of many muscles that connect over the shoulder and into the base of the skull and is influenced by many joints that not only from the vertebral bones of the neck but also from the upper back. So what role does it play to enable you create a full shoulder turn and keep your eye on the ball?

Some might remember that old HBA advert where the kid explains that after the crocodile bit his guts out, his head went one and his legs went the other way. This kind of rings true with the golf swing and the relationship between your neck and trunk.

During a right handers back swing, in order to keep your eye on the ball and your head still, your neck holds firm while your trunk rotates to the right beneath it. By doing this your neck is in fact needing to rotate to relatively to the left.

Now this might seem fairly intuitive, but if you are are suffering from neck pain or believe you might be guilty of losing focus on the ball here are a couple of exercises that will help fine-tune this skill, reduce neck pain and potentially improve your hand, eye and swing coordination.   

What are great neck exercises to reduce pain during Golf?

Exercise 1:

1. Practice Trunk Rotation without moving your head in front of the mirror

  • Stand in front of a mirror or wall keeping your eyes locked on the exact same spot. With arms out directly in front of you rotate from side to side feeling you shoulders twist under your head.
  • Progress that to over the ball in your golf stance.

Now don’t stress if you feel like you won’t be able to keep your head completely still during your swing. Luckily, our body has a back up plan to keep your eyes locked on the back of the ball. A reflex which allows the little muscles in our eyes to automatically adapt to head movement.

Exercise 2:

2. Practice focussing your eye sight on yourself in front of the mirror, now rotate your head from side to side maintaining focus the entire time.

  • Repeat this in your golf stance by rotating your head along the line of the ball never taking your eyes off the back of the ball.
  • Practice each of these for a few minutes at a time.

What the Injury Rehab Centre can do for Golf related injuries?

At the Injury Rehab Centre our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths investigate the physical components of the anatomy that help to contribute to an effective swing and a body that has reduced risk of injury during Golf. This includes looking at:

·       Flexibility ·       Strength
·       Range of motion ·       Power
·       Core stability ·       Promoting good golf posture
·       Correct motor pattern firing  
    Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths do this using the latest assessment technology usually only found in elite golfing academies including:
  • M.A.T Assessment created by the therapists of the Injury Rehab Centre to laser focus on areas of flexibility, balance and movement that identify whether your are at risk to sustain a golfing injury.
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis to IDENTIFY YOUR BAD GOLFING HABITS and give us more insight into what part of your swing could be causing your golf related pain.
  • Strength Testing to identify any strength discrepancies that have a huge role in increasing your injury risk.
  • Force Plate Technology to put a number on differences in the power you can generate through each leg that can lead to compensations and can cause repetitive stress injuries.
  • Traditional Physiotherapy and Osteopathy examinations to identify dysfunction.

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in Cheltenham then can devise a unique treatment and training plan to get you hitting the ball further, more consistently and with less pain so you have no more worries out on course.

If you are a Golfer looking to return to the course injury free, contact the clinic that goes above and beyond in the treatment of golf related issues. Call the clinic on 95537024 or book your appointment online today!

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