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Frequently Asked Questions

The free phone consultation is a totally obligation free phone appointment with one of our team booked in online. The team member you select will call you at your designated time and will spend up to 20 minutes discussing with you your case, what might be involved to help you achieve your goals, and whether or not we feel our clinic is the right location for you.

The evaluation is basic and preliminary and is based only on a telephone conversation between you and the therapist. It cannot replace a full assessment in person of your condition done in our clinic, which is the only way to make a thorough clinical diagnosis. Therefore, the therapist will not be able to give any actionable rehabilitation advice or be held professionally responsible should the patient’s medical condition worsen.


Additional appointment times become available due to cancellations.
The time you’re looking for might be available, call 0395537024 and we’ll find you a spot.


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