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Dr. Andrew Lemon

Director + Osteopath

Spine + Hip Injuries


Andrew is an Osteopath and Functional Movement Expert. He has completed a three-year Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a two year Master of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University. In 2013 Andrew completed a year long mentorship with the prestigious Gray Institute in the USA who are also the providers of the NIKE Golf 360 program. This mentorship brought together thought leading professionals from around the world including medical staff from elite sporting institutions such as Everton Football Club and the Seattle Seahawks qualifying Andrew as one of the few therapists in Australia to become a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

As an Osteo alongside his fellow director at the Injury Rehab Centre, Physiotherapist and Osteopath Stephen King, Andrew started Movement Assessment Technologies, a CPD education company that travels nationally and internationally teaching movement assessment and rehabilitation to health and fitness professionals. They are also inventors of the Movement Assessment Tool (The M.A.T) and AxIT System used by health and fitness professionals around the world and in elite sporting environments such as the AFL, EPL, ERU and on the men’s and women’s golf and tennis tours. In 2015, they started the Allied Movement Symposium that raises thousands of dollars for charity and brings together health and movement professionals from over 10 different professions.

Andrew believes in movement as medicine and often uses an active treatment approach along with traditional Osteopathic techniques including Dry Needling, Taping and Kinesiotaping (which he completed his Masters research in), Chinese Cupping and the True Stretch system. Andrew has had success treating low back and disc pain, lower limb injuries such ankle sprains, patellar tracking syndrome, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy, rotator cuff injuries, as well as postural related complaints such as neck pain and headaches. He also has a keen interest in how Osteopathic management can help golfer’s in increasing flexibility and power on course and reduce the risk of golf related lower back pain and golfer’s elbow.

Andrew spends his time off trying to keep fit in the gym, trying to fix his slice on the golf course and trying to attain Jimi Hendrix status on guitar, some of these endeavours are going better than others.

Qualifications: B.Sc, M.H.Sc (Osteopathy), Level Fellow of Applied Functional Science.


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