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How To Survive An ACL Reconstruction

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Want to know how to survive an ACL reconstruction and get back on the sporting field?

Does this describe you?

  • Is that clicking or giving way in your knee normal?
  • What if your not doing the right exercises for your ACL reconstruction?
  • Will you ever return to running or sport after this ACL injury?
  • How will you know for sure that your ready to return to sport and won't just injure yourself again?
  • You don't think you can do that because your not confident in your knee anymore.

You felt a sudden pop in your knee and it just gave way. That's usually how it starts for most people who've injured their Anterior Cruciate Ligament. 

Unfortunately ACL Injury and ACL Reconstruction is an increasingly common iissue for patients around Melbourne in Australia and often the leading reason that athletes have to retire from playing sport all together or can lead to major complications for knee health in the future.

There's a long road to recovery ahead, but with consistency and heard work, you will be fine

Don't play roulette when it comes to your returning to sport and the things you love to do.

It's already hard enough going through an ACL reconstruction, don't take any unnecessary risk when it comes to your rehabilitation.  

You need numbers on the following:

  • Did the surgery go well?
  • Do you have enough flexibility in your knee, hips and ankle joints?
  • Do you have enough strength back in you leg muscles?
  • Is your balance good enough?
  • Are you powerful enough in the legs to absorb sudden forces such as jumping and landing?
  • What's your running technique like?

If you are unsure whether or not you are meeting these criteria don't gamble with the health of your knee.

That's why we created our UNLMTD membership to help get the best results with our ACL rehabilitation patients.

But even if the UNLMTD membership might not be the right fit for you, you will need a team of ACL Physios or Osteos who have experience assessing your road to recovery and designing the best possible plan for looking after your ACL rehabilitation in the Cheltenham, Highett, Bentleigh, Moorabbin and Bayside areas.

Click the button below to book online a FREE 15 minute call with one of our Physio or Osteo team. The phone call is 100% complimentary and there is no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our aim is to help you make the best decision in managing your ACL injury and get back to 110%.

How do you guarantee success in your return from ACL reconstruction and get the best ACL Rehab in Melbourne?

  1. First off, sign up for our free cheat sheet "How To Survive An ACL Reconstruction" at the bottom of the page. It will give you a stage by stage account of where you should be through your road to recovery.
  2. Next get the right diagnosis so you can get the right plan in place for you. If you haven't already you need to have a Physio or Osteo with experience managing ACL injuries looking after your case. They need to be able to objectively examine your rehabilitation performance to give you the best plan to help you achieve your goals. That's why at the Injury Rehab Centre we choose to use the latest assessment technology to measure our ACL rehabilitation patients flexibility, strength, endurance, balance etc to help them get back to 100%
  3. Getting the right treatment and rehab exercises. Treatment from a Physiotherapist or Osteopath such as from the team at the Injury Rehab Centre who look after ACL patients in Cheltenham, Highett, Moorabbin Bentleigh and the rest of Bayside is proven to help improve ACL rehabilitation outcomes. Making sure you are doing the right exercises at the right time is critical to your success in returning from injury and to avoid being under prepared in your rehabilitation. That's why we created our UNLMTD membership to provide the same treatment and care that elite sports stars get to help them return from ACL reconstruction.

If you are interested in how the team at the Injury Rehab Centre can help you get back to 110% with proven assessment technology - we invite you to start your road to recovery with a complimentary, no-obligation, risk FREE initial phone consultation with one of our team.


What would the team at the Injury Rehab Centre do for you and your ACL rehabilitation.

Here's just a few of the things our team can do for you to help you beat your back pain once and for all.

  1. We care for your story and use the most up to date research to help understand the injury occurred in the first place and often can give you an accurate understanding of what the plan will look like going forward in the first session.
  2. We are the only clinic in the world to offer the option of an UNLMTD Membership for looking after ACL injuries and rehabilitation in the same way an elite athlete would be cared for. Click here to learn more about the UNLMTD membership. Alternatively we can also offer traditional Physio and Osteo services to care for your ACL reconstruction.
  3. We are one of only clinics to use the latest assessment technology, a lot of which we invented including the Movement Assessment Tool and AxIT system! This allows us to measure how you move so we can objectively show you where you are at in your rehabilitation and where you need to be.
  4. We use only effective treatment techniques to reduce your pain and stiffness and help you feel better and move better.
  5. We'll design an individualised ACL rehabilitation plan which we'll send to you in a video application to help you achieve your goals in our state of the art rehabilitation gym or that you can do on your own, no cookie cutter paper sheets of exercises that you don't understand.
  6. We'll help you take control of your condition and start to feel more confident in your knee.
  7. We will help you get back to 100% and return to the things you love like sport and being active with friends and family that this ACL injury has threatened to steal from you.

Simply said, we can help you get back to feeling strong and confident in you knee, often better than you have ever felt!

Don't delay getting back to what you love to do. Contact the Injury Rehab Centre by calling 95537024 or book online by clicking the button below.


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