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Low Back Pain

Beat your back pain once and for all with effective lasting treatment for acute and chronic lower back injuries such as strains, sprains and bulging discs 

Get Our FREE Back Pain Guide: 8 Ways To Feel Better In 8 Days.

Tendon Pain or Injury

Aching tendon pain can be stubborn. Finally get on top of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles and Rotator Cuff Tendon pain, Golfers and Tennis Elbow today

Get Our FREE Tendon Pain Report: The 10 Big No-Nos Of Tendon Pain.

ACL Rehabilitation

Learn how you can reduce the risk of re-injury and get back to sport or doing the things you love quicker and moving better than ever!

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Dear Friend,

Whether you or a loved one is in pain or has suffered an injury you are in the right place with our 5-star rated therapists.

At the Injury Rehab Centre in Cheltenham our friendly Physiotherapists and Osteopaths go above and beyond other clinics using the latest assessment technology to measure how you move and discover the true cause of your complaint, not just put a band-aid fix on your symptoms. This includes the revolutionary AxIT system and Movement Assessment Tool, equipment developed by the Injury Rehab Centre Physiotherapists and Osteopaths here in Cheltenham and used by thousands of practitioners around the world to measure flexibility, strength and balance.

Since 2015 our Physiotherapy and Osteopath team have delivered 15,000+ treatments to members of the Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Highett and Bayside community just like you.

We invite you to download one of our free resources to start you journey with The Injury Rehab Centre helping you begin to feel better, move better and perform better.

We look forward to meeting you!

P.S after you've read our complimentary resources why not book a no obligation FREE Phone Consultation with a member of our team by clicking here or calling the clinic on 9553-7024 to discover how we can help you Feel Better, Move Better and Perform Better.


Advanced Assessment

Measure the true cause of your complaint with our 1 hour Assessment Super Session using the latest technology only found at the Injury Rehab Centre.

Unlimited Care

We do more for you. We are the only clinic in the world to offer UNLMTD care and rehabilitation services similar to elite sport stars. Click to learn more about UNLMTD.

Specialised Training Plans

We won't tell you to stop exercising. Keep training with a video exercise plan designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Fully Equipped Gym

No longer worry about having the right equipment or remembering your exercises. You can do everything here.

Same Day Appointments Available

Don’t delay. Same day appointments may be available to get you on the road to recovery.


If it isn’t helpful, we won’t sell it to you. Our practice is based on the latest research and evidence. We are always up to date.


Apart from being Physiotherapists and Osteopaths that have helped thousands of local Cheltenham, Moorabbin and Bayside residents overcome pain and injury, we are also innovators developing the revolutionary AxIT System and have taught thousands trainers and physical therapists worldwide with our educational organisation, Movement Assessment Technologies. We created The Injury Rehab Centre to be a WORLD-LEADING Physiotherapy and Osteopathy facility using the latest objective assessment technology to go above and beyond traditional clinics, caring for you like an Elite Athlete and to help you FEEL BETTER, MOVE BETTER and PERFORM BETTER.


Dr. Andrew Lemon

Specialty: Osteo

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Liam Frost

Specialty: Physio

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Ed Ahkong

Specialty: Physio

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Dr. Stephen King

Specialty: Physio/Osteo

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At the Injury Rehab Centre our point of difference is that our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths service the Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Bentleigh, Mentone, Highett, Hampton, Black Rock, Beaumaris and Heatherton suburbs using the most advanced assessment technology to set baselines and understand WHY you have pain or injury to formulate a plan on HOW you will overcome it tracking your progression over time.


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